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Faculty of Divinity

The Faculty established in 16 December 1965 with the name of High Islamic institute. It opened depending on Ministry of Education  and its education time was four years.The Faculty has continued to education during of seventeen years  with this name and status.It has been  transformed to faculty of Divinity with the rule of dated 20 July 1982 and numbered 41 and has been connected to Erciyes University. The Faculty has been established on a 140 acres lands that has been supplied with charitable man from Kayseri's great efforts. Beginly it had a dormitory and four service building.Afterly the building of H.Mehmet Bayraktar which has been established in 1998  has been added. Now, The Faculty have 12.000 square meter closed area.
Why the Faculty of Theology?
45 years of education in our teaching faculty with the accumulation areas of expert and experienced instructors and qualified physical education opportunities are presented with sufficient socio-cultural and technological facilities.
Adres : Köşk Mahallesi, Ahmet El Biruni Caddesi, 38030 Melikgazi/KAYSERİ
Telefon : 0352 437 49 24 / 0352 207 66 66
Faks : +90 352 437 42 00
Öğrenci İşleri : +90 352 207 66 66 / 10500-10505
E-Posta : ilahiyaterciyes.edu.tr
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