Erciyes University Faculty of Divinity Strategial Plan (2009-2013)
  1. Introduction
  2. The Purpose of The Document
The purpose of Erciyes  University Faculty of Divinity the strategic plan, the faculty's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the faculty is to provide an objective evaluation of the detected the launch of a conscious process of institutional development and its sustainability
  1. The Scope of  The DocumentFaculty within the scope of the strategic plan; vision, mission, values, SWOT analysis, strategies and goals and this strategies for achieving objectives, performance indicators set out to determine the attainment of these goals and objectives to ensure the implementation of the action plans is located.
c. Definitions and Concepts
used in this strategic plan;
Action Plans: Action to be performed according to the Faculty's internal evaluation , the responsible of action, plan showing the timing of action,
Internal Evaluation: SWOT analysis carried out by the Strategic Planning Committee of the Faculty,
MissionRationale underlying assets and tasks that determine for itself Faculty,
Performance Indicator: measurable elements indicating to what extent the strategic objectives of the faculty
PolicyThe basic principles guiding decision-making in the Faculty management,
Strategy:The approach  in line with the mission of the Faculty how it should be directed
Strategic Objectives:  According to the strategies that has ıdentifed from the faculty determined and the results it aims to achieve
Swot analysis:The analysis reveals of the faculty's strengths and weakness in front of the opportunities and threats,
Vision: Expreses that The Faculty aims to achieve the ideals .
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